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Battle of Legends

Last week the German Pool Masters took place in Die Drei in Sindelfingen and other pool rooms nearby. Over 300 players battled in 3 devisions for glory and at the end it was Earl Strickland (open division), Tina Vogelmann (women) and Manuel Radu (handicap devision) who took the first places. Congrats to all winners and high finishers as well as the whole organizing team for a great event.

Beside the main events the Battle of Legends took also place every night with following players:
Group A: Thorsten Hohmann, Francisco Bustamante, Earl Strickland
Group B: Ralph Eckert, Efren Reyes, Ralf Souquet
After the round robin system was finished, Bustamante and I played in the finals and I was able to defend my title from last year with a 7-6 victory. It wasn’t the best performance from both of us but a win is a win and sometimes an ugly win works as well…

Thanks to my supporting team:
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