CBSA 9-Ball International Open 2015

The CBSA 9-Ball International Open in Hongze is in the history books with 2 new Champions:
In the men’s final Taiwanese player Xie Jia Zhen beat Chinese no. 1 Wu Jia Qing with 13-10 after he trailed the match 6-0 at the beginning.
In the women’s division it came almost down to the wire but Chen Simeng crossed the finish line first with a 11-9 victory over here Taiwanese opponent.

The tournament didn’t go well for me with a 4-9 loss in round 1 against a Chinese player but had <span class=“text_exposed_show“>a bitter taste with it: about 2 minutes before the start of the match, one of the referees came to me and asked me nicely to remove my personal sponsorship logos because I didn’t register them in time. That certainly didn’t help staying calm and focused but seems to be a normal procedure for me in China. I don’t know what I have done but maybe I just shouldn’t wear any logos at all next time, what do you think.
Apologies to my sponsors for that but I think it wasn’t my fault…
With the help from Adrian Wang and Iris Chan (tournament sponsor Cyclop), I was able to wear my logos again in the following matches. There were only 2 more because after I beat a Taiwanese player 9-7, I lost the next qualifier match against another Taiwanese 5-9.
Next event is the Treviso Open, the last stop of the Eurotour season 2015 in Italy.</span>